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About Us

As part of Olsen Partners Law ERC Repair is the leading provider of ERC Refund customer service solutions in the market. We liase with CPAs, wealth managers, third party ERC providers and their clients to make sure that all refund files have the correct substantiation and audit protection in place to demonstrate and justify all refunds pending or received to the IRS to avoid any risks to business owners or businesses from refund refusals, reductions, clawbacks, additional interest payments, penalities or criminal prosecution.

While there were, and still are,many ERC providers in the market very few have adapted well to the changing landscape of the law as outlined by the IRS since the moratorium of September 2023.

Previously to obtain the refund business owners just had to do their calculations, submit thier 941Xs and wait. Now the IRS are insisting on an Information Document Request for each and every refund, failure to comply will result ina an audit with the obvious inconvienience and consequences that can cause.

Our job is to make sure you get the refund.

Our services include:
ERC Refund Tracking and Monitoring with official written transcripts direct from the IRS.
ERC evalualtion and substantiation ( initial consultation and evaluation FREE )
Providing string Legal Letters of Opinion to ensure payment.
Full audit protection.

Once the validity and substantiation of the file is confirmed we work with the Tax Advocacy Group ( partof the IRS) to move files up the payment queue.

We also assess business clients qualification for credits and incentives they may be missi


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