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About Us

The PMI Difference
PMI SunnySide is a family of Short Term Rental professionals who care deeply about guests and owners alike. Property management is not only our work but also our passion. Commitment to our clients comes first, making us sensitive to the needs of our property owners. We are always finding technologies to keep us ahead of the competition. Our number one priority is running a smooth business and ensuring our owners are satisfied.

PMI SunnySide is not a technology company. We are managers that work with the best technology partners in the business. The PMI network is powered by Booking Automation software. Our dynamic pricing is fueled by the high-powered algorithm at Rented.com. Noise detection, party prevention is brought to you by Lynx smart technology. Insurance, including damage protection, trip insurance, and H06 policies by Rental Guardian. We also work with many more partners like DACK guest experience app, a full smart home suite by Lynx including locks, thermostats, security, and more. Our guests are thoroughly screened through our guest app.

PMI’s dedicated accounting department provides professional bookkeeping and accounting for each property and property manager using PMI SunnySide’s’ financial practices. Management fees, booking fees, and owner draw, and taxes are all included services. Property owners are kept updated on all financial activity in the form of accessible statements that make it easy to see how your property is performing.

Guest Services
We know that when people go on vacation it’s a time to relax, liv

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