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Healthy Start Coalition of Osceola County, Inc.

Healthy Start Coalition of Osceola County, Inc.



About Us

The Healthy Start Coalition of Osceola County is a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect and promote the health and well being of mothers, babies and families in our community. Our goals are to prevent infant mortality, preterm births and low birth weight babies and improve overall health and developmental outcomes. All pregnant women should receive a prenatal screening form at her prenatal provider's office and all babies should receive an infant screening form at the time of birth. These screens identify risk-factors that are associated with poor pregnancy and birth and health outcomes. When referrals are made our team of Connect staff provide education on identified risk-factors and resources available, including free home-visiting services like Healthy Start. Healthy Start's services are designed to support families in having healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. We want to see all babies live to celebrate their first birthday and beyond!


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