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Special Osceola Chamber Rates for Members at FantasyWorld Resort

10% Off Electric Trike or Electric Mountain Bike Kissimmee Lakefront Tour at Toho Bikes with Coupon Code "Chamber"

Cruise along the Kissimmee and St. Cloud East Lake Toho lakefront on a fully electric trike or mountain bike. No pedaling required! No crowds. No lines. No waiting. Seniors Welcome. Ages 14+. 10% off coupon code "Chamber"

The Ultimate Outdoor Experience! Lakefront Cruising on a fully electric trike or mountain bike! No pedaling required! No crowds! No Lines! No Waiting!

Uncover the secrets to resolving conflicts and achieving a collaborative working environment with Jody Staley's exclusive workshop. May 8th and 9th, 1 - 3pm EST

In this power-packed session, we'll cover everything you need to know to overcome your fear of conflict and engage in those hard conversations that are essential for driving success. From understanding the root causes of conflict to mastering the art of forgiveness, we'll take a deep dive into the 5 conflict resolution styles that lead to successful outcomes. Discover how your personality style can either help you avoid conflict or unknowingly contribute to it

Conflct Resolution for Business Leaders

Osceola Chamber Member Benefits from Zafeiri Corp

Member discounts and referral fees for Osceola Chamber members

10% off for all members

Teen Night


Level up your money game at our exclusive teen night banking bash!

Exclusive Osceola Chamber of Commerce Member Deal: Limited Cabins Available!

We have an exclusive offer just for you! As valued members of our local business community, we're excited to extend a special deal on our upcoming cruise getaway.

Chamber Members get 20% off at Kapp and Kappy B&B

Book a 1 or more night stay at www.KappAndKappy.com using promo code CHAMBER24. Reservation must be made by a Chamber member for themselves, a business associate or family member

Book Direct and Save

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