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Plaza del Sol



About Us

Our colorful store facades will transport you back or to another place. The warm and inviting colors, the sun's rays dancing through our sky lights, and the delicious aromas from our bakeries and cafes will take over your senses and either make you feel right at home, or as if you're traveling through a far-away artisan market.

As a non-traditional mall, you are sure to find unique gifts for all members of your family.
Custom jewelry, handmade apparel, artisan woodwork, and an eclectic mix of culturally inspired shoppes call Plaza del Sol their home.

For those here to splurge, our anchor stores such as Ross and Burlington Coat Factory offer brand names at discounted prices! Spend hours browsing their selection of quality clothing, home decor, shoes, and gift items, and go easy on your wallet by taking advantage of their competitive rates!

You cannot experience Latin America without indulging in its' cuisine, so we've brought together multiple restaurants at our Food Court to showcase some of the best dishes South America and the Carribean have to offer! Visit our Food Court and give your tastebuds a treat with any our savory options.

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